The Importance of a Companion During Your Hearing Test

“Who will be coming with you?”

When you schedule your appointment, something you will hear us ask is “who will be coming with you?” We ask this for a two reasons, both of which benefit you! This person can be a significant other, an adult child, or anyone who is close to you.

Why is a companion important?

The person coming with you, known as the companion, will be a huge help during your appointment. First, we have your companion fill out a questionnaire so we can understand their perspective of your hearing, which is very crucial to the initial appointment simply because you may not know what you’re missing. We view hearing loss as something that can affect all aspects of someone’s life: relationships, social life, work. By having someone else voice their view on what you may be missing, we can help pinpoint where we can help the most.

It’s a big step to take

The second reason is that during your appointment, there is a lot of information that is gone over. Having someone else in the room to be able to take notes and ask questions can be a huge help in not getting overwhelmed during your first appointment. If you have a significant other, bringing them with can be even more important. If technology is recommended, it may be something that they may have questions about. Deciding to move forward with technology is a big (but rewarding!) first step, and having the support of someone you trust may prove to be invaluable.

We can help

If you or a loved one are experiencing any hearing difficulties, please contact HearingHealth4U to schedule a free appointment at your earliest convenience. We are dedicated to improving your quality of hearing! Click Here for more information