Hearing Aid Service and Repair

Some of the service and repairs we offer, with prices.


  • 10 Point inspection and thorough cleaning of hearing aids - $15.00 per aid.
  • Minor cracks (broken) in hearing aids - starting at $20 per aid.
  • Battery door replacement - $10 per aid.
  • Battery door hinge pin - $15 per aid.
  • Behind-the-Ear Tubing replacement - $12.50 per aid.
  • Open Fit Tubing replacement - $10 per aid.
  • Open Fit Ear Buds - $5 per aid.
  • Receiver in the Ear Snap On Ear Buds - $7.50 per aid.


These are some of the most common repairs needed - if more extensive repairs are needed, we may need to send the hearing aids to the manufacturer for further repairs.

Getting your hearing aids checked and cleaned on a regular basis will help preserve the life of the hearing aids and help them work more efficently.